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Development: New manufacturing process for tube filters

Autor: Isabell Hochstrat

Development: New manufacturing process for tube filters
Spectubular Technologies at Filtech 2022

Spectubular Technologies, a division of Synfuels Americas, has developed a proprietary, fully automated process for the manufacturing of pre-filtration, post-filtration and other micron filtration applications.

Several advantages

Using a patented precision laser cutting process, the Spectubular production line creates tube filters with slots as small as 10 microns, making it especially useful for the manufacturing of pre-filtration, post-filtration and other micron filtration applications.

The Spectubular filter tubes offer several advantages: As compared to wire mesh or sintered metal wire media, filter tubes can serve as both filters and support structures, eliminating the need for additional framework. In addition, Spectubular’s stainless steel filter tubes are resistant to corrosion, pressure and high temperatures, and more durable than other media used in similar applications. Because the tubes are made from a single thin layer, they are easier to clean. Furthermore, cleaning Spectubular filter tubes takes less time, reduces production downtime and requires less energy for backwashing, contributing to a company’s goals for emissions reduction. Filter tubes require less material to produce than an equivalent mesh filter, making them less expensive. Filter tubes production line offer some of the smallest slots available, making them ideal for extending the filtration capacity for existing processes.

“After developing these tubes originally for the energy industry, we quickly identified many other industries and applications that could benefit from our small-slot filter tubes,” said Judd Swift, President and CEO, “We are excited to bring this technology to market and play a role in the expanding trend toward energy-efficient filtration.”

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