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Water recovery: Expanding Ceramic Desalination Membranes

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Membrion continues to expand technologies for harsh industrial wastewater treatment. Foto: Adobe Stock/M-Production
Waste water Treatment
Waste water Treatment
31.01.2023 Ι Membrion continues to expand technologies for harsh industrial wastewater treatment.

$7M Series B funding round

Membrion is a ceramic desalination membrane manufacturer that enables recovery of up to 98% of water in harsh environments. The manufecturer now announced a $7M Series B funding round led by PureTerra Ventures. Safar Partners, GiantLeap Capital, Freeflow, and existing investors will be participating. Nic Pannekeet, managing partner of PureTerra Ventures, and Himanshu Sekhar, co-founder and managing partner of GiantLeap Capital, will join Membrion’s Board of Directors.

Membrion was founded in 2016 specifically to address the challenges in industrial wastewater. Previously the only method of dealing with these hard-to-treat discharges was trucking. Membrion CeramIX desalination membranes offer a cost-effective on-site option for removal of problematic metals, minerals, and salts. Moreover it helps industry to achieve its zero discharge aspirations.

Efficient water treatment processes

Membrion CEO and co-founder Greg Newbloom said: “It’s mind boggling to me that we still pump wastewater onto trucks and drive it somewhere else to be treated. We’re seeing pilot projects convert to full commercial installations, which makes the more sustainable option, treating water on-site, an economically attractive reality.”

Nic Pannekeet praised the membrane technology Membrion brings to the market. He explains the opprotunities of adding Membrion to their portfolio at Pure Terra.

“Greg and his talented team have put a twist on the traditional EDR build by the inclusion of ceramic which opens a much wider field of application.”

Augmenting the manufacturing capacity

This round of funding will be allocated to significantly augmenting manufacturing capacity to meet current and robust future customer demand, expansion of the existing team with key commercial and operations specialists and additions to the IP portfolio family.

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