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Project: Support for sustainable lithium isolation

Autor: Charlotte Quick

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13.09.2022 Ι Forward Water announces that it has secured an early development testing project to support a globally positioned mining company to aid in the sustainable lithium isolation pathway.

Water as a key material

The supply of lithium carbonate is projected to be realized by sourcing lithium from naturally occurring water sources such as aquafers. Critical to this isolation process is the handling of high-strength brine solutions. Methods of brine concentration will be a needed part of the process train and those methods must be both economical and be of limited impact on the surrounding environment. As lithium extraction methods rely on water as a key material, the implementation of new water technologies that ensure water will be preserved becomes essential. The Company’s patented technology solution has the ability to concentrate the lithium containing feeds by extracting clean water and facilitate the isolation process. Once completed, the clean water is then returned to the original source, used in replenishing the aquifer or re-used in the industrial process all while creating a more efficient procedure.

Ensuring an environmentally responsible production pathway

An early development testing project has been established in which Forward will test its water treatment capabilities with field sourced brines to ascertain its potential commercial effectiveness. This is the first step in ensuring a commercial, profitable, and environmentally responsible production pathway.

President and CEO, Mr. Honeyman comments, “We are pleased to initiate the first steps in exploring how our technology can be exploited for lithium production. If successful our potential partnership will allow rapid deployment of an efficient water preserving process across the globe.”

The Company’s ability to concentrate challenging brines throughout the lithium processing path positions Forward Water to be an exceptional tool and an asset for lithium production. Moving forward with an economically advanced process as well as a reduced carbon footprint is essential for the sustainability of the world.

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