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The new International Edition for the year 2023 is out now!

The International Edition of F&S - Filtration and Separation contains a variety of actual topics from different application areas of filtration and separation: Technical reports from all relevant applications such as air and gas purification, solid-liquid-separation, filter development, digitalisation and membrane technology can be found in our best-of edition.

The question whether the separation goal fits well to the application purpose and whether the corresponding industrial standard is practicable in all respects is discussed in this edition for the field of compressed air filtration. Various articles in this edition report on the latest developments in the field of filter development and optimization. These include different methods of surface modification of filter media and membranes, but digitization is also gaining increasing importance in the development of filter media - in our Annual Special you will find some interesting reports on new developments in this field.

The filter industry itself is also under scrutiny: how sustainable are filter manufacturing processes and - more importantly - how sustainable are companies in terms of the raw materials they use for filter production? The Filtrex Conference Europe 2022, which you can find a report on here, offered interesting presentations on how the filter industry is meeting this challenge.

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The International Edition 2023


Technical reports

„New technologies are now being applied to membrane surfaces that are delivering better performance than existing technologies in addition to being compliant with the new EU POP (persistent organic pollutants) regulations.“

Jens Kohnert, Aculon North America

„A consistent process transformation towards cyber-physical production processes with a higher level of automation is inevitable to achieve stringent optimisation and flexibilisation of production."

Marius Krüger, Technical University of Munich

The International Edition 2023

Our technical reports

Air and gas purification

"Process gas quality in compressed air applications - clean or pure?"

Dirk Gros

"The CORAL Direct Air Capture Process"

Raphael Vollmer and Ulrich Zuberbühler


"Water on the move: Energy self-sufficient wastewater plant"

Julia Deliano

"A new life for lubricants"


"Filtration on a small laboratory scale"

Bettina Ledergerber

Filter Development

"A new antimicrobial catalyst prevents microbial contamination and biofilms on water filters"

Marie-Lena Harwardt, Martin Danz, Oliver Asmus

"Innovations of the Filter Industry for Health, Filter Manufacturing, Sustainability, Mobility and Testing"

Dr. Hildegard Lyko


"From production process to operation: Digital twins for filtration"

Ralf Kirsch and Andre Schmeißer

"Digitalisation and Data-Driven Optimisation of Separation Processes in the Food Industry"

Marius Krüger, Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Kathrin Land, Gunnar Grim, Josef Lorenzer, Markus Freiberg, Matthias Franzreb, Sonja Berensmeier

Membrane Technology

"Separation of monoaromatic compounds from the chemical degradation of lignin in thin liquor"

N. Schneider, C. Meckel-Oschmann, M. Sluganovic, P. Rinn, F. Ehlen, S. Schütz, N. Krawczyk, M. Ebrahimi, P. Czermak

"Methods for using direct numerical simulation for the investigation and optimization of the flow in spacer-filled channels of membrane elements"

Ch. Kleffner, G. Braun, S. Ripperger, S. Antonyuk

"Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Membranes: Overview and Applications"

Robert Niestroj-Pahl

"Targeted surface modification for membrane performance improvements"

Eric Bruner, Eric Hanson, Majid Monji, Jens Kohnert

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