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Main topics

Process intensification with membranes
S. Ripperger


Ceramic membranes for the filtration
of liquids: An actual overview

St. Duscher


Separation technology in winemaking
H. Lyko


The paper production and pulp industry
on its way to sustainable production
Report from the PTS Environmental Symposium

H. Lyko


Centrifuge technology: Materials,
machine design and applications
Report from the 4th International
Separation Technology Symposium of the
Schmidt+Clemens Group

H. Lyko


Systems and processes for drinking
water and process water treatment

H. Lyko


Nanotechnology in practical
water application:
Efficient solutions for the future
Report of the event nano meets water IV
at Fraunhofer UMSICHT

H. Lyko


Status and perspectives of
organophilic nanofiltration

H. Lyko


Chemical-free treatment
of cooling water in open and
half-open circuits

H. Lyko


Filters for clarification of
auxiliary liquids

R. Berndt


Universal similarity laws for the
description of the initial pressure
loss of metal woven wire cloths during
the filtration of non-Newtonian fluids

M. Müller, M. Piesche


Optimized filtration mesh for ballast
water management systems
Perfectly designed filtration media and filtration
packages to meet increasing demands

M. Knefel


Automatic backwash filter
improves performance in
pharmaceutical process

S. Ripperger


Aerosol technology is flying high
Report from the 27. Palas-Aerosol
Technology Seminar

H. Lyko


Energy-efficient generation
and treatment of compressed air
Report from COMVAC 2013

H. Lyko


Pressure loss of air filters for general
ventilation at high relative humidity
or exposed to water droplets

F. Schmidt, A. Breidenbach, Suhartiningsih


Semi-automated Gas Turbine
Inlet Filter testing according
ARAMCO standard or for
performance optimization

D. Renschen, J. Schamberg, N. Guttenbrunner, N. Schneider


Secure waste air filtration in
laboratory autoclaves
Integrated water intrusion test to fulfil the
requirements in the area of biotechnology

C. Grumbach, P. Czermak


Product development challenge
S. Ripperger


Fine dust pollution decreases slightly
A report by the Federal Environmental Agency


Prevention of the spreading
of legionella

H. Lyko


Eleven requirements for a
future environmental policy

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