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Main topics

25 years of technical journal
“Filtration and Separation”
A retrospect and preview on
the development of
an interesting process
engineering discipline

S. Ripperger


Clarification filters for liquids –
principles, classification,

R. Berndt


Anuga Foodtec: Process
engineering for the food
and beverage industry

H. Lyko


Beverage Industry:
Novel technology
for new products

A report on drinktec 2013


Water management in the
paper industry: Solving
scaling problems and
recovering recyclable
materials by means of
membrane processes

B. Simstich, H. Jung


Europe must use water
more efficiently


New decanter generation with
improved energy efficiency

J. Hermeler, L. Horstkötter,
T. Hartmann


Energy-efficient algae

W. Steiger, M. Wimmer


Innovations in process
engineering with and
through membranes

H. Lyko


An innovative approach to
improve energy efficiency of
Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

C. Hoffmann, S. Krause


Micropollutants in wastewater
H. Lyko


IFAT 2012: Processes,
systems and components
for manure and digestate

H. Lyko


Toilets with solid /
liquid separation

J. Pernsteiner


Methods of wear
protection filtration

A. Vetter, L. Steinke,
S. Ripperger


A study into representative
domain size for microstructure
simulations of oil filter media
and the modelling of
non-spherical particles

M. J. Lehmann, S. Pfannkuch


State of the art in industrial
exhaust air filtration and
flue gas purification
Report on the 10th
International Symposium
in Stuttgart

H. Lyko


Emission reduction during
waste incineration due
to secondary measures

L.-P. Nethe


Filter testing, emission
monitoring, air pollution
control, cloud and climate
research: Varied application
possibilities for aerosol
Report of the 26th Palas ATS

H. Lyko


Cleanroom trends:
Good prospects for the
interdisciplinary technology
of the future


Synthetic filter media with
progressive layer construction

Kalthoff Luftfilter
und Filtermedien GmbH

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