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Webinar: “Membrane Reactors: one step forward towards industrial implementation”

Autor: Jonas Völker

Webinar: “Membrane Reactors: one step forward towards industrial implementation”

On Friday, November 5, 2021, the webinar “Membrane Reactors: one step forward towards industrial implementation” will be held,  which will focus on reactor design and the ability to increase the efficiency of large-volume industrial processes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a carbon-neutral future. The webinar is part of the EU project MACBETH.

The webinar will start at 2 p.m. with an introduction to the Macbeth project. You can find more information about the program here.

Efficient catalytic membrane reactors

MACBETH project provides a breakthrough technology of highly efficient catalytic membrane reactors (by combining catalytic synthesis and product separation for important chemical processes Hydroformylation, Hydrogen Production, Propane Dehydrogenation and Bio Catalytical Oil Cleavage Join our webinar and learn more about our revolutionary reactor design and its ability to increase efficiency of large volume industrial processes and reduce GHG emissions for a climate neutral tomorrow!

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