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Asada Mesh Webinars

15.07.2021 - 29.07.2021 - 16:30 - 17:00


Kategorie: Weiterbildung
Themen: F&S International | Fest-Flüssigtrennung | Partikelmesstechnik

In July, 2021, Asada Mesh Co., Ltd. offers three free webinars:

Benefits of Sintering Technology for Metal Filter Media (15th July)

“Sintering” is a phenomenon where diffusion of metal occurs at the micro-structure level of the metal at contact points and crystal formation takes place between metals to form a completely integrated metal structure. This phenomenon gives outstanding mechanical strength/durability, stabilization in filtration rating, various combination of different filter materials, capability of shape modification and reusability by washing/back-washing. As a result of those benefits, “Sintering” process enables us to offer the best filters in both technical and economic aspects. This presentation introduces the aforesaid benefits of “Sintering” and basic mechanism/features of filtration depending on general metal filter media.

The improvement of classifying performance using air classifier and sieve (22nd July)

In the powder handling process, it is important to control the particle size distribution. Especially for dry process, because of the stickiness or agglomeration of powder, it becomes more difficult to sieve or classify powder with finer particle size distribution. In the past, it is said that sieve is commonly used for above 50 microns’ cut and air classifier is used for below 50 microns’ cut point. Due to precise particle size control requirement, sieve is used for down to 10 micron range cut point recently.

Sieve is generally used to remove oversize above certain particle size using sieve opening. If powder is spherical, sieving performance is very precise. However, agglomerated particles could be collected in oversize even if the primary particles are finer than opening. On the other hand, air classifier can classify powder down to micron order range. However, small percentage of coarse particles can be collected in fine side, even if this is not shown in particle size distribution data (measured by laser type device).

Using new classification and sieving technology, I discuss the improvement of the classification and sieving performance. This discussion includes representing air classifier’s principle, mesh technologies and other topics. Powder to be discussed in this paper is metal powder, fibrous material, etc.

Update of Asada Mesh on industrial mesh product ranges (29th July)

In this presentation, it will be explained features of stainless steel wire mesh and application examples of the latest industrial mesh made by Asada Mesh. Not only the quantification of the features with experimental data will be covered with data, but the reasons to stress our product development in certain directions will be exposed.

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