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Welcome to the F&S International Edition 2021!

This magazine presents highlights of profound research articles, review articles and reports from the last year’s issues of F&S Filtrieren und Separieren as well as up-to-date stories in English language.

The Corona challenges led to numerous developments for cleaning indoor air from airborne viruses and bacteria. In addition, we learned much about the mechanisms of spreading viruses, how to distinguish face mask types, and much work was done to establish reliable test methods for them. So it is not surprising that in 2020 several research articles and reports addressing these topics were published, some of which are presented here.
However, the classic challenges by air pollution have not disappeared: air filters must retain a large variety of particulate and gaseous contaminants, and moreover, they must be operated energy-efficiently.
Further important topics related to filtration and separation processes are not neglected either. Read about the function principles, design calculation and machine types of sedimentation centrifuges and about how to implement digitization in filter press operation.
Finally, new developments of membrane technology, including membrane and module developments for demanding separation tasks, cleaning strategies and new applications are presented in this issue.

Take a look and see for yourself!

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