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F&S International Edition 2022: first content insight and outlook

Autor: Jonas Völker

This year's International Edition will highlight a selection of the very best articles and reports from an entire year of F&S journals.
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The next F&S-International Edition will be appearing by end of March 2022 as a print and online format. Known across the industry for many years, it will highlight a selection of the very best articles and reports from an entire year of F&S journals. This year’s edition will include the following articles:


  • Modular, small-scale and continuous – From suspension to dried product by means of a novel vacuum screw filter (K. Wohlgemuth, C. Steenweg)
  • Design optimisation of a 3D-printed magnetic separation device for single-use in biopharmaceutical processes (L.. Wommer, I. Kockler, R. Ulber, P. Kampeis)
  • Evaluation of filter media that can be used in automatic filters (T. Buchwald, U. Peuker)

Air Purification

  • Study of a test air extraction system for reducing aerosol dispersion in classrooms installed at the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Landau (S. Antonyuk, M. Kerner, D. Misiulia)
  • A new method for binding viruses and bacteria from the air and eliminating allergenic substances (E. Gottschall, L. Britsch, P. Pfeuffer, K. Gottschall)
  • Palas Air Filtration Seminar (J. Kötter, H. Lyko)
  • The importance of collection when using extraction and filtration technology to remove airborne pollutants (S. Meißner, A. Jakschik)
  • Evaluation of the potential of PLA nonwovens as biogenic filter media (C. Schippers, R. Taubner, J. Gutmann, L. Tsarkova)

Water and wastewater treatment with membranes

  • Osmodialysis – the future of production water treatment in the oil and gas sector (M. Fuhrland, T. Grießler)
  • Multi-resistant germs in wastewater and surface water – What to do? (H. Lyko)


  • Digital Diagnostics System for Filtration Processes (D. Otto)


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