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Full value-solution: Biomethane as substitute for fossil natural gas

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Full value-solution: Biomethane as substitute for fossil natural gas
ETW‘s biomethane plants upgrade biogas to natural gas quality by separating CH4 from CO2. © ETW Energie
7.11.2022 Ι ETW Energietechnik has added a new technology to its portfolio. This is intended to generate the CO₂ quotas that are in demand. ETW’s SmartCool LCO2 plant can be integrated into the ETW SmartCycle biomethane plant so that the full value of biogas can be accessed.

Value-added product instead of emission

ETW’s biomethane plants bring biogas to natural gas quality by separating CH₄ and CO₂. The CH₄ can be fed into the natural gas grid and made available on the fuel market. Since the upgrading technology developed by ETW also produces CO₂ with a very high degree of purity, it was a logical step to develop a technology that turns an otherwise discarded emission into a value-added product.

The result is a high-quality biomethane as a direct substitute for fossil natural gas, as well as a food-grade liquid bio-CO₂. In combination, the ETW plant can thus be operated with zero emissions and full CH₄ recovery. The result is a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fuel and energy sector.

The advantages at a glance

  • High CH₄ product purity up to 99 % CH₄
  • High CO₂ product purity according to EIGA standard up to 99.9 % CO₂
  • The lowest energy consumption on the market
  • Highest yield and GHG quota generation
  • Operator friendly, very low maintenance
  • Very high proven plant availability of >99 %.
  • Fully integrated CH₄ and LCO2 system without unnecessary interfaces for the operator.


For biogas plant operators, the solution creates access to new markets with the competitive advantage of a negative carbon footprint. While substrate logistics and the biogas production chain can only be adapted to moderate fluctuations, consumer markets require very fast reactions. With these adapted products, both sides of the value chain can be decoupled and optimized.

Efficiency on the input side

By combining the plants, operators can, for example, make short-term decisions and benefit from fluctuating electricity, natural gas and CO₂ prices. At the same time, substrate and digestate logistics can be planned according to best agronomic practice and a stable fermentation process can be targeted. The result is improved efficiency on the input side.

ETW Energietechnik GmbH has been developing and producing energy systems in Moers-Germany since 1997. In its core business, the company concentrates on the construction and servicing of combined heat and power plants (CHP) in the power range from 400 to 4,500 kilowatts, electric, as well as biomethane plants for the upgrading of biogas with the pressure swing adsorption process (PSA) and CO₂ liquefaction plants.

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