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Circular Water: Launch of global expert group

Autor: Isabell Hochstrat

From left to right: Hein Molenkamp, Mark Harbers, Arthur Valkieser, Sabine Stuiver
s Global Expert group Circular Water
s Global Expert group Circular Water
29.03.2023 Ι Water Alliance presents Blueprint for a Circular Water Smart Society and launches Global Expert group Circular Water at New York Water Week.

On World Water Day, Hein Molenkamp, managing director of Water Alliance and Arthur Valkieser, by virtue of his chairmanship at the Water Alliance Circular Water Expert Group handed over the first copy of this blueprint to King Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands and Mark Harbers, minister of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands. The Blueprint provides tangible solutions and applications for the practical application of circular water and a vision for water use in the built environment. The presentation of this document also signifies the launch of the Global Expert Group on Circular Water.

Robust water supply

As an example to the world, the Blueprint cites the governments of Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands, where political will and good governance, as well as cooperation with all stakeholders, enabled to swiftly implement adequate measures to make societies more resilient and less dependent on changing weather patterns.

These initiatives were inspired by the Circular Water Expert Group. This is one of the Water Alliance’s expert groups in the Netherlands, which Arthur Valkieser – CEO/CTO and Co-founder Hydraloop International – chairs. Valkieser is also a Board Member of Water Europe in Brussels, where ‘circular water’ is one of the 5 pillars of their Water Smart Society concept.

Arthur Valkieser: “The broad exchange of experiences and insights on the practical implementation of circular water technology is crucial. The Global Expert Group Circular Water will share the combined knowledge of circular water organizations from all over the world. Together we can make impact that matters and forever change the way we use, manage and allocate the water on this planet.”

Hein Molenkamp: “Water Alliance is proud to be one of the initiating organizations taking real ‘water action’ during this UN Water Conference – by means of introducing this Blueprint for a Circular WaterSmart Society. A smarter use of freshwater in our societies is crucial in order to keep this planethealthy and liveable and to fight the consequences of climate change. Many technologies to use water in a more circular way are available and can be implemented today. Other innovations will be accelerated if governments start promoting water reuse on a global scale.”

Use of circular water

The use of circular water for non-high-value applications is widely percieved as an excellent way to curb tap water consumption without compromise on hygiene and living comfort. The Blueprint was created to inform governments and organizations on a global scale what types of circular water can be safely applied. It also informs on existing obstacles in specific countries. On ways to overcome them, in order to accelerate the application of circular water worldwide and thus provide an important solution to the increasing water scarcity.

The Blueprint is offered by an international collaboration of partners besides Water Alliance including:

– Circular Australia (Australia)

– The Water Council (US)

– Water Europe (Belgium)

– World Alliance for Efficient Solutions by Solar Impulse Foundation (CH)

– NAWI – National Association of Water Innovation (US)

– NWP Netherlands Water Partnership (Netherlands)

– Water Foundry (US)

International ambitions

The Global Expert Group Circular Water aims to become an international hub of public-private collaboration among water sector stakeholders. This will enable them to take the lead in the swift global transformation into Circular Water-Smart Societies.

The Blueprint is available here

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