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The new international issue of F&S ist out

The International Edition of F&S Filtration and Separation for the year 2022 is out now! But it is only March, many of you will think, and wonder why we are publishing the International Edition so early in the year. This is mainly due to the fact that the topics of this issue (solid-liquid separation, filter media development, air filtration and water and wastewater treatment) have never been more relevant than now.

Despite the increasingly rapid pace of innovation in filtration and separation thanks to digitalisation and technology, there are still some pressing questions that remain unanswered. We hope that this issue can give you the necessary impulses to answer them.


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International Edition 2022


Technical papers

Solid-liquid separation & filter development

The ever-increasing water scarcity, especially globally, makes closing water cycles the key factor for the industry. For this, process water treatment plants will have to filter out smaller and smaller particles according to the motto "the smaller the finer". To operate these processes with maximum efficiency is a must and it is only logical that the choice of filter media plays an important role here. Thomas Buchwald and Urs Peuker show how automatic filters can contribute here. There is also great potential in 3D printing, which can now be used to produce more powerful devices for ever more specialised applications. Using the example of a single-use HGMS separation chamber, a research team from Trier University of Applied Sciences and Kaiserslautern University shows what is already possible.

Evaluation of filter media for use in automatic filters

Thomas Buchwald, Urs Peuker

Continuous moisture measurement in the filter press thanks to innovative sensor technology

Michael Dursch

Design optimisation for a 3D-printed magnetic separation device for single-use in bio-pharmaceutical processes

Lars Wommer, Isabelle Kockler, Roland Ulber, Percy Kampeis

Evaluation of the potential for using PLA nonwovens as biogenic filter media

Christina Schippers, Ralf Taubner, Jochen S. Gutmann, Larisa A. Tsarkova

Air and gas purification

Directly from practice and definitely worth reading: our technical reports from industry and academia:

"Study of a test air ventilation system for reducing aerosol dispersion in classrooms"

Sergiy Antonyuk, Maximilian Kerner, Dzmitry Misiulia

"The importance of capturing when using extraction and filtering technology for removing airborne pollutants"

Stefan Meißner, Alexander Jakschik

"A new method of binding and removing airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens"

Evelyn Gottschall, Lothar Britsch, Peter Pfeuffer, Klaus Gottschall

"Aerodynamic profiles and energy efficiency"

Thorsten Stoffel

Membrane technology

Two experts from fluvicon show how pollutants such as oil can be separated from water using osmodialysis. Andreas Bareth on the other hand shows you how a conventional SBR wastewater treatment plant can be converted to MBR technology in the beverage industry.

Osmodialysis - the future of produced waters treatment for the oil and gas industries

Matthias Fuhrland, Thomas Grießler

Conversion of a conventional SBR wastewater treatment plant to MBR technology in the beverage industry

Andreas Bareth

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