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Main topics

Membrane technology – past, present
and future within the water industry

T. Peters


The chemistry makes the difference
Membranes made from highly crosslinked
polyamide for reverse osmosis

J. Lipnizki


Use of membranes for process filtration
and in industrial water management

H. Lyko


The biggest drinking water production
plant in the USA


Innovative feed spacer technology
leads to enhanced reverse osmosis
element performance

J. Kidwell, St. Tielen, B. Paesen, J. Ogier,
St. Lehmann, C. Schellenberg


Zero liquid discharge – a futuristic
model for water treatment processes?

S. Ripperger


Improved treatment
of landfill leachate by
means of optimized
flocculation technology
Reducing leachate treatment
costs, but how?

Ch. Schröder


Components and systems
used in the processing industry for
solid/liquid separation

H. Lyko


Innovations and further developments
in the food and beverage industries

H. Lyko


New porous metallic-paper and
its use as a filter medium

L. Petersen, S. Ripperger, C. Kostmann, P. Quadbeck,
G. Stephani, J. Strauß, S. Schramm


Performance of new filter media –
expectations and experience
in vacuum and pressure filtration

D. Bartholdi, I. Erlenmaier, A. Seitz, Ch. Maurer


Wire mesh used in sophisticated
separating processes

H. Schlebusch


The use of computational fluid
dynamics for the development of
filter fabrics

S. Ripperger, K. Schmidt


Filtration in the future:
Innovative filter media and their
manufacture for air pollution control
and fuel filtration

H. Lyko


Improvements in aerosol technology
facilitate aerosol research,
filter development and filter testing

H. Lyko


Testing of air filters in
compliance with the new ISO 16890

H. Lyko*, T. Stoffel


Filtech 2015: Machines and processes
used to manufacture filters

H. Lyko


Global Guide 2018-2020
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