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Main topics

In-situ Efficiency Measurement
for HEPA-Filters

C. Schweinheim


Electrostatic precipitation of
different flue gas components from
small wood-fired furnaces

M. Kaul, E. Schmidt


Particle measuring technology
and filter testing according to the
latest state of the art

H. Lyko


Numerical simulation of
flow and particle precipitation
in filtration fabrics

D. Hund , K. Schmidt, S. Ripperger


with ceramic membranes for
water treatment

J. Ludwig, M. Beery, L. León, S. Ripperger


Separation processes on ships
and offshore installations

S. Ripperger


Ceramic hollow fibre membrane
technology for the treatment
of oil-field produced water

M. Ebrahimi, St. Kerker, S. Daume, F. Ehlen,
I. Unger, St. Schütz, P. Czermak


Water management in the paper
industry with and without membranes

H. Lyko


Technical solutions and
innovations for wastewater treatment
and sewage sludge treatment
A report on the IFAT 2014

H. Lyko


100 years of activated
sludge processes

H. Lyko


Extra-large modules
for membrane reactors

M. Lyko


Washing of suspensions by
means of dynamic disk filters

D. Goldnik, S. Ripperger


Viscose speciality fibres for
filtration applications

Ph. Wimmer


Recovery of beer from surplus
yeast - System comparison of the
separation technology used

W.-D. Herberg


Adhesives for the manufacture of filter
media for vehicle component assembly

M. Dressler


New standards for surface purity,
energy efficiency and nanoparticles
under discussion

A Report on Cleanzone 2014


Future importance of natural
product-process technology
for chemical production

S. Ripperger


Global Guide 2018-2020
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