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Main topics

Developments and trends
in the field of separation
and filter technology

S. Ripperger


Investigations of the
cleanability of polymer
filter media

C. Leipert, H. Nirschl


Continuous diafiltration of
fine-particle suspensions
with a double-shaft disc filter

D. Goldnik, R. Weiler,
S. Ripperger, G. Grim


Optimised filtration concept
of the Villach Brewery

K. Goldhahn, U. Sander


Controlled cleanliness of
components and cleaning
A report about the
„parts2clean“ 2011


Filters, screens and
separators in water and
wastewater treatment

H. Lyko


A novel centrifuge concept:
rotates slowly and saves

H. Lyko


Drinking water production
with membranes

S. Ripperger


Membranes and water –
a large number of
technical possibilities
Report from the 6th IWA
Specialist Conference on
Membrane Technology
for Water & Wastewater

H. Lyko


Integrated membrane
bioreactors (MBR) and
reverse osmosis (RO)
for water reuse

J. Hadler, Christoph Kullmann


Membrane technology
for CO2 emission-free
power plant operation

H. Lyko


dedusting in power plants
and the industry
Report from the 10th
conference on hightemperature
hosted by Evonik


Porous ceramic and its
application as filtering material

S. Heidenreich


Separation of ultrafine
droplets with multi-layer
fibroid filter media using
the example of compressed
air filtration

W. Mölter-Siemens, G. Lauber,
A. Kerßenboom, J. Lindermann,
H. Finger, St. Haep


Optimisation of the lifecycle
costs of synthetic pocket

U. Hornfeck


Nanomaterials at the
workplace: a challenge
for occupational safety?

H. Lyko


EU commission defines

H. Lyko


Aerosol technology faces
new challenges
Report from the 25th Palas
Aerosol Technology Seminar

H. Lyko


Characterisation of nano
and microdispersions
Report from the application
day hosted by the companies
LUM GmbH, Anasysta and
Thermo Fisher Scientific

H. Lyko


Particle measurement
down to nanometre range
Report from a TSI seminar

H. Lyko


Filtech 2011:
Machines and components
for filter production

H. Lyko


Optimal bonding for industrial
A closer look at structural

H. Handwerker


Largest facility for
uranium removal


Membrane filters
for sterile filtration

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